Your Personal Growth Mentor

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Uninspired? I'm a certified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, and I'm here to give you the necessary tools to heal, grow and evolve.

Getting the right mentor is extremely important for getting the results you specifically need. 

I use these 4 pillars to build you a program that will empower your life:

Reframe: The mind holds deep rooted patterns that emerge from our subconscious mind. The focus of this pillar is to uncover any core psychological and behavioral patterns that underlie your issues. Using shadow work, we navigate through any self-limiting barriers, triggers and emotional wounds to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Mindset: To strengthen mental fitness. This pillar is focused on thought patterns for high performance and self-belief. Guiding you in becoming more conscious of your internal dialogue, taming your inner critic and become stretched beyond your normal way of thinking.

Habits: This pillar focuses on those conscious choices you make repeatedly that become automatic over time. We will work towards optimizing your day-to-day habits, while also breaking unproductive ones. Through repetition, any new and improved habits will become embedded into your behavior, leading to bigger sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Integrate: Living in alignment. In this pillar we focus on clearly identifying your core values and intentions for your life. To integrate and align all pillars, and walk the path of your fullest human potential, with clear direction and purpose.

As a yogic life coach, I also integrate healing modalities such as breathwork, meditation and Yoga Nidra to teach you mindfulness practices that will help you clear your mind, self-soothe, and regulate your nervous-system.

My coaching is intensive and requires dedication and commitment. Are you ready, willing and able to invest in yourself financially, energetically and emotionally?

Buddha Statue

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”